How do I heat my breads?

Check the ingredient labels on you breads for specific cooking instructions, but generally your Buntzels will take about 15 mins at 160c...The bread goes crispy, the cheese melts and your house will smell of bread...Win!

What do all the allergen letters mean?

W = Wheat (including Barley)

D= Dairy 

E = Eggs

Ce = Celery

Su = Sulphites

Mu = Mustard

So = Soy

Nu = Nuts

Se= Sesame

Please note that although only certain products contain each allergen they are all present in the kitchen.  If you have a severe allergy just drop us a message to find out more!

How do I store it?

Buntzels need to be kept in the fridge, Swirls and Garlic breads in airtight containers...check the labels for specific instructions.

I bought too much, can I freeze it?

Yes! You sure can! Just wrap up and freeze, defrost in the fridge and heat as normal! 

Do you do events?

If you're having a do we're happy to cater it, just drop us a message and let us know what you're after!  We also have a sister company Starlight Coffee Co. to provide the drinks!